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The Rugrats' Cinderella Stories

" Then Cinderella heard the clock strike midnight and she fled from the handsome prince," Grandpa Lou read.  He was reading the babies the story of Cinderella.  He was about to continue, when the phone rang.  "Wait there, Sprouts," he told the babies, "I've got to go see who's there."  Grandpa got up and picked up the phone.  The kids heard him day, "Oh!  Hello Morgana!  Yes.  Sure, sure.  OK.  I'll see you in fifteen minutes," Grandpa hung up the phone and said, "Sorry, kids, but I'm going to go visit an old friend.  We'll have to finish the story later." 
"But Grandpa, we were at the best part," complained three-year-old Angelica. 
"Sorry Sweetheart, but Grandpa's gotta go."  He went over to the basement stairs and called, "Stu, I'm going to see Morgana.  Could you watch the kids for me?"
"Sure thing, Pop," Stu called back up.
Grandpa grabbed his jacket and hurried out the door. 
"Now we'll never get to listen to the end of the story," sighed Chuckie Finster. 
"And we'll never know if "Cinderellie" got to marry the prince," said Lil. 
Tommy Pickles, his cousin Angelica, and his friends, Phil, Lil, and Chuckie were sitting in the living room of Tommy's parents, Stu and Didi. 
Suddenly, Tommy got an idea.  "Why don't we make up our own endings?" he suggested.
"That's a great idea!" cried Phil DeVille. 
"I'll go first," said bossy Angelica.  She sat silently in deep thought for a moment before starting her ending to Cinderella. 
"So anyway," she said, "Cinderella ran home from the ball, and she didn't stop until she reached her Stepmother's house.  Her stepmother had gotten home early from the ball, so the was angry that Cinderella had not been home.
"Where have you been?" the stepmother demanded.
"Nowhere," said dumb Cinderella. 
The smart stepmother knew that Cinderella was lying, so she locked her up in her bedroom for forever. 
The prince searched far and wide for ugly Cinderella, but since she had been locked in her room, he didn't find her.  However, along the way, he met a beautiful princess named Angelica.  It was love at first sight!  They got married the next month and they lived happily ever after.  But the best part of all was that the prince married Princess Angelica instead of the poor, ugly Cinderella.  The end!"
"That was a mean ending," said Chuckie.
"I know.  That's why I like it," Angelica said. 
"But you're not a princess, Angelica," Chuckie continued.

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