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ica replied.
"It could too, and I'll prove it!" exclaimed Tommy.  He began his version of the story. 
"After "Cinderellie" heard the clock, she jumped back into her carriage and the horses galloped away.  But, before they could get home, the clock struck midnight and the spell wore off.  Now that the carriage had turned back into a pumpkin, "Cinderellie" had to run.  She got home just in time. 
The next day, she went back the caste, in a pretty dress that she borrowed from her stepsister, and he asked her to marry him!  "Cinderellie" said yes and they got married the very next day.  Plus, since "Cinderellie" was so nice, she let her stepmother and stepsisters live in the castle with her.  The end!"
"That was a great ending, Tommy," praised Chuckie.
"No it wasn't!" argued Angelica.
"I think it was good," said Lil.
"Me too," agreed Phil.
"Fine, you dumb babies!" screamed Angelica, "This just proves how bad you taste is stories is!  Mine was a lot better, and you know it!"  Angelica stormed out of the room.   
One week later, Grandpa got around to telling the kids the real ending to Cinderella.  When he finished, Angelica said, "That was an awful ending!"
"Well, Angie," said Grandpa, "Cinderella had to marry the prince.  If she didn't, they couldn't have lived happily after."  Grandpa got up and left the room. 
"I liked the real ending to "Cinderellie"," said Tommy, "but I think I liked mine a little bit better." 
"Me too," said Chuckie.
"Me three," added Lil.
"Me four," Phil put in. 
" Like I said before," said Angelica, "you babies can't tell a good story from a bad one!" 
Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil just giggled.  They would always like their endings better than the real one, and they would definatly like them more than Angelica's ending!

The End

By Giada Arney

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