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"Fine, if you think that you can make up a better ending, go ahead." 
"Well, all right," Chuckie agreed, "This is the way I think the story should end." 
"When "Cinderellie" heard the clock strike midnight, she decided that she'd better get home really fast!  So she jumped in her coach and drove away.  When she got to her house, she didn't stop.  She was too scared to go home.  She ran into the woods and hid there from her mean stepmother and her stepsisters. 
"Cinderellie" built a little house and she lived there for a year.  Finally the prince found her and her took her back to the castle where they got married and lived happily ever after!" 
"That was the dumbest story I've ever heard!" Angelica criticized. 
"I thought it was good," said Lil.
"Me too," agreed Phil
"Fine smarty-pants, let's hear your stories," said Angelica.
"OK," began Lil, "I'll be "Cinderellie"."
"And I'll be the prince," said Phil
The twins then began their story.
"Cinderellie" told the prince that she wasn't really a princess, but he didn't believe her. 
"I'm just a maid who works for my mean stepfamily," "Cinderellie" told him.
"That can't be true!" cried the prince.
"But it is true!" argued "Cinderellie"
"No it's not!"
"Yes it is!"
"No it's not!"
"Yes it is!"
"Guys, don't start a fight!" Tommy cut in.
"Sorry," said Phil.

"Finally the magic spell wore off and "Cinderellie" looked like a maid.  The prince finally believed her story, and he decided to marry her, even though she was a maid and they lived happily ever after!  The end!"
"That was a stupid ending," laughed Angelica, "Why do they always live happily ever after?"
"Because, it's supposed to be a happy story," said Lil. 
"Yah!  "Cinderellie" isn't a sad supposed to be a sad story!" Tommy cried. 
"Fine, as if you're ending could be any better, Baldy Boy!" Angel

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